1 Sources for Offaly History & Society: Offaly Heritage Journal (2003-2018)

In the time leading up to Heritage Week 2020, and conscious of the restrictions on movement, lectures and classes, we are starting a new blog to issue every Wednesday. This will be on Sources for Offaly History & Society. We will draw on the extensive material in our library at Offaly History Centre, Bury Quay, Tullamore, the county’s Offaly Archives at Axis Business Park and the Local History Collection at Offaly Libraries. The aim being to build a helpful online resource to assist Offalians and those interested in our past and now spread across the world. We want to hear from you with what you would like to see covered and to get your feedback on what we are doing. We will continue to publish our history articles on the Saturday blog at offalyhistoryblog.wordpress.com

Offaly Heritage Journal, 1–10 (2003 – 2018), Vol 11 in progress

Why not start with a resource we have put so much energy into since 2003 and that is our history journal. We have now had ten issues and no. 11 will be published later this year. There are over one hundred articles and one million words. It is  current research by a range of scholars. We attach a link to the pdf listing of the contents. You can also check into Irish History Online by author, place and subject matter.


We do hope to put some of the articles online soon. In the meantime all ten issues except no. 2 can be purchased at our shop on www.offalyhistory.com/shop.


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For helpful links to our library and resources try

Handy Links to Offaly History

  1. Our Laois-Offaly family records are posted on Roots Ireland site and comprise over one million items.
  2. Our books about Offaly for sale are in the shop section of offalyhistory.com and the catalogue can be downloaded also.
  3. The Library catalogue is also there and serves as a useful local and family history bibliography. It currently runs to almost 12,000 titles and 20,000 books.
  4. We publish a local history article every week on Offaly History Blog and the site now has over 120 illustrated articles all to help you and for you to enjoy. We welcome contributions marked Editor, Offaly History Blog to be sent to info@offalyhistory.com
  5. We have uploaded guides to County Offaly including the towns of Tullamore, Birr and Banagher. See touring information in the Touring Offaly section of offalyhistory.com.
  6. We publish Offaly Heritage with ten issues since 2003 containing over one hundred articles and over one million words of Offaly history.
  7. We have completed a new Offaly Archives at an overall cost of €750,000. We have a donate button at the foot of our website homepage if you would like to assist us.
  8. Email us at info@offalyhistory.com

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Next week: 2  The foundation texts for Offaly History & Society